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The Pedestrian and Bicycle Crash Analysis Tool, version 3 (PBCAT 3), is an open-access crash typing application. PBCAT is designed to help State and local transportation safety practitioners and researchers develop new variables to describe collisions between motorists and non-motorists on trafficway or non-trafficway locations. High quality crash type descriptors are frequently missing in crash databases but are important for varied safety approaches. PBCAT users can apply PBCAT crash types and contextual factors to help identify preventable crash scenarios and inform a variety of strategies and solutions to improve non-motorist safety. The data can be used to help improve the safety of infrastructure, vehicle and interactive technologies, behaviors, and policies to reduce non-motorist crashes and injuries.

The Getting Started and Features pages provide more information on what is needed to crash type using PBCAT and an overview of how the tool works. The Crash Typing page and User Guide provide more information on ways crash typing using PBCAT may help safety efforts.

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